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Flights Into The Past

Dodałem do odnośników link do filmu dokumentalnego “Flights Into The Past” – konkretny i przyjemny w odbiorze, idealny dla wszystkich ludzi, którzy zaczynają lub już interesują się archeologią lotniczą. Film (format .wmv) składa się z trzech części i jest do ściągnięcia TUTAJ.

The aim of the film/TV document is to present the potential of remote sensing for the study of our predecessors’s past, to reveal principles on which the discpline of aerial archaeology is based and through which it is able to identify buried settlements, burial sites, fortifications and other man-made features. It brings some of the results as achieved by this method throughout Europe. The document indicates the importance of aerial archaelogy as one of the ways applied by the so-called non destructive (non-invasive) archaelogy, a significant part of current archaeological practice in the identification of buried landscapes and settlements. Presented are projects of the Archaeological Instute, Czech Academy of Sciences (1992-2008;since the late 1990′ the only Continetal archaeological institution
pracing the aerial reconnaissance from low altitude with its own aircraft), of the University of West Bohemia and other European institutes and individuals from UK, Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. The need for European heritage monitoring and documentation is stressed. The film is divided into 3 parts and is 80 minutes long.

Production of the film was financially supported through the EU Culture 2000 programme (project European Landscapes: Past Present and Future, reg, No.200-1495/001-001CLT CA22), University of West Bohemia, Institute of Archaeology (Czech Academy of Sciences), Institute of Archaelogy (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and English Heritage.
źródło : http://www.kar.zcu.cz/media.php?media=5